Boat Trips For Wildlife Watching, Sea Angling
& Sightseeing
Sailing From
Brae, Shetland.

Sightseeing Trips

North Ham Muckle Roe magnifier North Ham Muckle Roe On leaving the Brae marina the trip starts sailing through the sheltered waters of Busta Voe and Swarback Minn which was a Royal Navy anchorage in WW1. Thereafter, depending on wind / sea conditions and the chosen trip duration, the route will take a clockwise course around the island of Muckle Roe, into Saint Magnus Bay and around the island of Egilsay. If weather permits, a visit to the South Ham of Muckle Roe and other inlets can be undertaken as well as sailing into the north sound of the island of Vementry with it's guns guarding the entrance into Swarback Minn, it's chambered cairn and other neolithic sites.

There is much to be seen in this area. The magnificent cliffs and rocky coastline of the west coat of Shetland including the red granite cliffs of Muckle Roe; birds including puffins, guillemots, gannets, great skuas, kittiwakes, fulmars, shags, cormorants, terns and eider ducks to name but a few; mammals including grey and common seals, porpoise, white beaked/ white sided dolphins, pilot whales and, if in luck, perhaps a killer whale or basking shark.

Pickup / returns from local hotels / accommodation camps / B&B's etc. can be arranged if required.

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